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arte | Ideas of the year

Our Project Pathfinder got selected to the top 100 ideas of the year and we are very happy about the support of arte. Feel free to browse through the collection of astonishing projects covering art, science and design at arte. (…)


Fiber Festival Workshop

We will be at the amazing Fiber Festival in Amsterdam. If you want to learn how to project visual worlds on moving objects then please come around. Workshop Booking This workshop is an introduction into the countless possibilities of vvvv (…)


NODE15 Workshop

NODE15 will be very special! Yes this year its topic is… and we are more then excited to be part of this legendary week. Please check their Site It will be a week filled with workshops, talks, performances and installation (…)


Wired Article

Thanks to the Wired Magazin Germany, we were able to share our ideas about dance and technology with many people from different expertise. The upcoming pictures were shot by Ragnar Schmuck.


“Choreographic Coding” Panel at Resonate

Due to the support of the Node Forum for Digital Arts we were able to join the “Choreographic Coding” Panel at Resonate. It was truelly inspiring to meet pioneers and Forethinkers of dance and digital arts. Resonate is a festival (…)


Motionbank by William Forsythe

The Node Forum for Digital Arts created in collaboration with the Forsythe Company a one week workshop called “Choreographic Coding” as an event of the motion bank project. Thanks to Florian Jenett, Scott Delahunta, Armin Weber and of course William (…)


Microsoft Kinect Developer Program

We are very proud to be part of the Kinect for Windows Developer Program. From November on – we will start to adapt our choreographies and media interaction concepts to the incredible features of the kinect 2.0.


Weave Turorial | LEAP

The LEAP is an amazing new interaction technology, enabling the user to point with his fingertips in mid air to control virtual widgets. We wrote an article for the Weave magazine about how to implement a little musical tool in (…)


Weave Cover

The Weave magazine published an image of our The Google Faces Project as their Cover. The Project created a lot of diverse interests coming from different perspectives. It also led to many different publications – to name only a few: (…)


Faces on Google Maps

An independent searching agent hovering the world to spot all the faces that are hidden on earth. This system is developed in collaboration with onformative, a studio for generative design. Feel free to check their amazing projects, melting design, art (…)