Fiber Festival Workshop

We will be at the amazing Fiber Festival in Amsterdam.
If you want to learn how to project visual worlds on moving objects then please come around.

Workshop Booking

This workshop is an introduction into the countless possibilities of vvvv as a platform for mapping visuals onto moving objects, and how to connect the image of a moving user into abstract 2D geometries, pointclouds and 3D Objects.
In interactive installations artists and designers often work with 2D and 3D moving images by using sensors. These bodies are overlaid with visuals often made in platforms such as Processing or OpenFrameworks, but it’s quite a steep learning curve to learn these text-based coding platforms and create interesting visuals. vvvv is a tool to create stunning artworks and design. Its visual user interface allows you to create anything from huge projections to interactive applications and high quality 3d graphics in realtime. And yes, all that – without writing one line of code.

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