Motionbank by William Forsythe

The Node Forum for Digital Arts created in collaboration with the Forsythe Company a one week workshop called “Choreographic Coding” as an event of the motion bank project. Thanks to Florian Jenett, Scott Delahunta, Armin Weber and of course William Forsythe for this beautiful opportunity to investigate and develope possible future scenarios of performance and digital media. I also would like to thank Raphael Hillebrand, who was once more an incredible choreographic consultant and researcher as well as the generative design studio onformative, who contributed and supported experimental approaches to dance and performance with guidance, patience and trust. Thank you to all the beautiful teams that attended the workshop and contributed in such a creative way. Last but not least Jeanne Vogt – who was the heart of the project and took good care in crazy Frankfurt. Thank you.

Documentation coming soon…

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